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Today’s commercial and industrial products are expected to give operators the same kind of intuitive experience they expect from their smartphone. Success depends on providing reliable connectivity, instant access, and intuitive interfaces. This presents tremendous opportunities for new products in these markets, from remote asset monitoring and smart grid energy savings, to guaranteed production yields and machine up-time on factory floors.


Precise. Intuitive. Smart.

CES has been developing user-focused products for industrial market applications since 1960. Our unique background of human-centered design capabilities facilitates the creation of connected devices that will be eagerly adopted by users, even in highly regulated environments.

Since our beginning we have continued to expand our ability to serve the world’s most regulated markets. From remote sensing to mission critical controls, CES’ services cover a wide range of commercial/industrial development and manufacturing needs. Our expertise ensures your product meets the most current performance and quality standards, while giving end-users the experience they demand.

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