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Healthcare is changing fast as the digital era challenges medical device manufacturers to offer increasingly efficient and intuitive devices. It is up to medical device makers to keep up. In today’s market you must not only understand your existing users but also anticipate future direction of the market to remain on the cutting edge. With the increased pace of product development and connected technologies successful medical companies must be ready to innovate their products evolve their business model to drive opportunities.


Innovation. Reliability. Unwavering accuracy

CES is uniquely positioned to create user-focused devices for medical applications. Our background in human-centered design and consumer electronics experience provide a perspective that places us on the cutting edge. Our Medical development capabilities with systems integration expertise help to reduce risk, from concept to launch. Since 1960 CES has helped clients identify opportunities, reduce risk, and control costs to deliver innovative products to market faster.

CES’ quality management system meets medical device industry, local, and global standards, including ISO13485. Our expertise helps you mitigate risk and comply with all FDA and international regulations to get your product to market. Whether designing a simple wire harness, complex bubble sensors that require extensive functional testing, or anything in between, CES can fulfill your needs by improving outcomes with innovative medical solutions.

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