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To compete in the global economy, OEMs must get high quality products to market faster and with lower development costs. Success depends on navigating the hassles so common in a global supply chain – tariffs, quality issues, slow shipping, cultural hurdles and political uncertainty. Compass Electronics Solutions partners with OEMs to eliminate these pain points by providing a low-cost, nearshore manufacturing and development option in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Only Compass can deliver OEMs our unique blend of product development, manufacturing, and aftermarket services – all the benefits of a US-based partner without the high costs.


Our nearshore facility in Mexico gives you a low-cost manufacturing base without sacrificing on quality! Offshore manufacturing has cemented the idea that low-cost translates to poor quality. CES works tirelessly to prove to our customers that while we offer great prices, the quality is even greater!

  • AS9001D certified for any aerospace & defense manufacturing needs.
  • Shorter travel distance reduces risk of damaged product.
  • In the rare case reework is necessary, your product has a much shorter journey to & from our facilities

  • CES own our facility, unlike many companies who contract nearshore manufacturing. We hold our employees to a higher quality standard than companies who contract for labor.



By choosing Compass Electronics SOlutions to manufacture your product in Mexico, you get a low-cost manufacturing option closer to home!

For years OEMs were convinced that China was their best low-cost option for manufacturing their electronic devices. Now we have a better option, one that is closer to home, delivers higher quality, and costs even LESS than China.

  • Lower, more stable labor rates
  • Cost of trade is lower in Mexico due to tariffs on many goods coming from China. U.S. companies are moving to Mexico as a result of these additional costs

  • Increasing oil prices make the trip across the Pacific far more expensive than moving a product to Mexico
  • Even Chinese companies are leaving China in search of more affordable manufacturing


Your number one priority is getting your electronic product to market as fast as possible. You can’t afford to deal with the roadblocks, setback, and uncertainty common to offshore manufacturing.

We clear your route to market and dedicate ourselves to getting your devices to your customers as quickly as possible. Our convenient location just south of the U.s. border in Ciudad Juarex, Mexico makes it easy for you to visit our facilities. We operate in Mountain Standard time so you can give us a call during your business hours rather than trying to get in touch with your manufacturing partners at odd hours of the day or night.

  • No language barriers
  • Minimal difference in time zone
  • Located conveniently just south of the U.S. – Mexico boarder

  • Our manufacturing operation includes
    • 850+ employees
    • 330,000 square feet of manufacturing floor
    • 60,000 parts managed
    • Trusted by 145+ customers


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